Fees and Charges

Fees And Charges

(Subject to Change from Time to Time at the Sole Discretion of the Company)

Please note some terms and conditions of Credit Cards will be revised w.e.f. 1st Jan. 2018. Click here for more details

Joining Fees & Annual Fees

There are annual fees /renewal fees applicable on the various Credit Card(s) issued by the Company for primary as well as add-on cards w.e.f. 1st July 2009 (New Cards) Amount of fee varies for different cards. The applicable fees is communicated to the applicants at the time of applying for the Credit Card. Further, fee as applicable is directly charged to the Cardholders Account and is indicated in the bill. (Details as per Tariff of charges).

Cash Withdrawal/Advance Fees

The Cardholder can use the Credit Card to withdraw cash from ATMs/cash dispensing locations in India or overseas in accordance with the compatibility of the Credit Card at the said ATM(s)/cash dispensing locations. A transaction fees shall be levied on all such withdrawals and would be billed to the Cardholder in the next/forthcoming statement. (Details as per Tariff of charges.)

Further cash withdrawal transactions shall also carry a service charge from due date of payment until fully paid.

Service Charges

  • Service charges at applicable rates, are payable by Cardholder towards the services provided by the Company to the Cardholder(s) and/or for defaults/delays committed in payments.
  • Company exclusively retains the right to alter any/all charges or fees from time to time or to introduce any new charges or fees, as it may deem appropriate, by issuing at least 30 days prior notice to the Cardholder/s of such change in the charges or fees. It is clarified that the said change may be indicated/communicated to the Cardholders through the company’s website exclusively at its sole discretion.
  • Service charges are levied on monthly basis at applicable rate on the outstanding amount on the due date until fully paid.
  • Service charge payable is debited to card account on the last date of each statement period and is indicated in bill.
  • The Service charges will continue to be levied till card account is cleared in full and closed.
  • For the Service charges applicable refer "Tariff of charges”. #

Tariff of Charges

Subject to change at the sole discretion of BOBCARDS from time to time. For latest rates/charges applicable please refer to www.bobcards.com

Fees For Primary Cards only
Joining FeesPrimary Add-on
Titanium Master Rs 250/- Free
Corporate Global Rs  2000/- per card N.A.
Platinum Master Rs  1000/- Free
Platinum Visa Rs 500/- Free
Assure Rs Nil/- Free
Signature Rs 1000/- Rs 1000/-
Annual Fees Primary Add-on
Titanium Master Rs 500/- Free
Corporate Global Rs 2000 Per card N.A
Platinum Master* Rs 1000/- Free
Platinum Visa* Rs 1000/- Free
Assure* Rs 500/- Free
Signature Rs 1000 Rs 1000
Interest Free Period 20 to 50 days
Minimum Repayment* 5% of outstanding balance or Rs 100 whichever is higher (Incase of regular cards) Minimum repayments may vary in case of irregular payments***
Cash Withdrawal Charges
Domestic ATMs 2.5% (Subject to a minimum of Rs 200)
International ATMs 3% (Subject to a minimum of Rs 250)
Other Charges    
Service Charges  
For Titanium Master
For All Other Cards
2.5% p.m. (30% APR) 
2.6% p.m. (31.20% APR)
Duplicate Bill Rs 25 per bill
Surcharge on usage at Petrol*** outlets and Railways 2.5% (with a minimum of Rupees 10/- at petrol outlets)
Cheque Return / Dis-honored Charges Rs300 or 2% of the cheque amount whichever is higher
Goods & Service Tax 18%## (applicable on all fees, interest & other charges)
Exceeding Credit Limit Charges 1% over & above the sanctioned credit limit per month
Card Replacement Charges Rs100/- per card
Charge Slip Retrieval Charges Rs250/- per Charge-Slip
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee 2.75% of the transaction amount
Limit Enhancement No Fee
De-Blocking Charges  Rs300
Late Payment Charges  
Up to Rs 500/-
501 to 2500
Above 25000
Rs 300
RS 500
*** Period of non payment Repayment amount
0 to 1 month5% of total outstanding
2 to 3 months 10% of total outstanding
4 to 6 months 15% of total outstanding
7months and above 25% of total outstanding
  • **** 0% on BOBCARD EDC
  • ## As per Government guidelines

Interest Free Grace Period

The interest free grace period could range from 20 to 50 days depending upon date of transactions.

Computation of Service Charges

  • Service charges are calculated on monthly basis on reducing balance method on the outstanding amount.
  • Outstanding amount - is the amount which remains unpaid after the due date and is carried forward to the next billing cycle with applicable charges.
  • When does the customer pay service charges? When customer does not pay off his full dues by the payment due date.
  • When does the customer not pay service charges?
  • Opening balance is zero.
  • Has an outstanding and pays off 100% of his full outstanding by the due date.(by 20th of every month.

If a cardholder has done a transaction on 25th June 2014 for Rupees 1000/- he will receive a bill dated 1st July 2014 ofRupees 1000/- with due date 20th July 2014

  • If full payment is made within the due date, no service charges shall be levied
  • If there is no credit in the account or the credit is less than minimum due, company will charge @ 2.60% service charge +Rupees 300 late payment charges. So the dues will beRupees 1000 + Rupees 26 +Rupees 300 + 40.29 =Rupees 1366.29 for which he will be receiving the bill dated 1st Aug.2014.
  • If minimum payment Rupees 100/- (minimum payment amount is 5% of total dues orRupees 100/- whichever is more ) is made within the due date, the dues will beRupees 1000 -Rupees 100 =Rupees 900 +Rupees 23.40 (service charges @2.50% onRupees 900) +Rupees 2.90 ( service tax @ 12.36% ) =Rupees 926.30 for which he will be receiving the bill dated 1st Aug., 2014.
  • Late payment charges : Will be applicable if the minimum due amount is not paid by the payment due date. Clear funds need to be credited in the card account on or before the due date. Details as per tariff of charges.

Computation of Exceeding Limit charges

The outstanding on the card account must not exceed the credit limit at any time, failing which cardholder will be charged additional 1% over and above the sanctioned credit limit or on the total outstanding in case of cancelled cards (limit becomes zero in case of cancelled cards).


If outstanding exceeds sanctioned Credit limit :
Sanctioned Limit Rs 75000/-
Outstanding as on 1/6/14 Rs 80000/-
Service charges @ 2.50% pm
Exceeding limit charges @ 1%
Rs 2080/-
On  Rs 5000 ( Rs 80000 -  Rs75000) Rs 50/-
Service Tax @ 12.3% Rs 263.27
Outstanding as on 1/7/14 Rs 82393.27
If card is cancelled
Sanctioned Limit Rs 75000/- (Current limit zero)
Outstanding as on 1/6/14 Rs 80000/-
Service charges @ 2.50% pm Rs 2080/-
Exceeding limit charges @ 1% on Rs 80000 Rs 800/-
Service tax @ 12.36% Rs 355.97
Outstanding as on 1/7/14 Rs 83235.97

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